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VEK designs and supervises the construction of greenhouse projects worldwide.

From your initial idea of growing in a protected environment, VEK assists you with everything from low tech polyhouses towards highly sophisticated research greenhouses and state-of-the-art flower and vegetables glasshouses!

Where to start?

There is always demand for vegetables and flowers! Building a greenhouse and starting to grow the crop seems easy but before you have a successful business a lot of strategic and technical questions need to be answered.

A good way to start is VEK’s Assessment of your Possibilities.
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Do you have a business or project plan but investors have doubts about viability? VEK evaluates your plan and transforms it to a viable option or bankable report. With our expertise, suggestions, and detailed calculations, VEK can bring your project closer to realization.

VEK on Sustainability

In response to demand for high quality vegetables you must take care that it is produced safe and  sustainable by implementing best practices of growing and processing and by keeping the use of resources to a minimum. Obviously this means a low water and fertilizer footprint in your hydroponics and regarding food safety you should have the best agricultural practices through implementation of the latest hygiene and sanitary regulations in your greenhouse operation. A low carbon foot-print can be achieved by local consumption of produce (“local-for-local”), and usage of locally available resources like geothermal energy, residual heat from power plants, industrial complexes or biomass processing!

If you plan to develop a horticultural area or Agro-Park, VEK also assists in design and implementing infrastructure for developing or rehabilitating horticultural areas and for job-creation.

Ask the VEK specialists!

Few growers build glasshouses often enough to get experienced. The vast majority builds a new production facility only once in a lifetime. And when you build one, you have to get it right!

It’s a VEK consultant’s daily routine. Every one of us designs and builds at least four facilities every year!

So use VEK’s expertise in project management with establishing the feasibility of a layout design, detailed design of all systems, cost estimations, tendering,  site supervision while building, and final settlement of accounts on your behalf!

VEK’s history

For over 45 years VEK Advise Group has been involved in the setup of new greenhouse complexes all over the world. VEK has vast experience in tailoring greenhouse complexes to your requirements with detailed knowledge of all systems needed for the related buildings in flower and vegetable production breeding centers and research facilities such as cooling, screening, water treatment, heating, CO2, application of low-grade industrial heat in semi-closed greenhouses etc.

VEK’s client Base

Based in the Netherlands, VEK has offered its services to both the international and domestic clients. VEK’s client basis consists of private growers, wholesalers and retail chains, supply industries, commercial banks and institutional investors.

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