Ukrainian greenhouse sector study

Investment potential and opportunities to improve efficiency and sustainability.Greenhouse sector is one of the most energy intensive businesses in Ukraine. In the greenhouse sector the energy consumption constitutes the biggest part of production costs, thus, energy efficiency is a key factor in the sector sustainability. The share of gas constitutes in the modern greenhouses about 25-35% of the prime cost of greenhouse vegetables and up to 60% in the obsolete soviet-type greenhouses. The old greenhouses are incapable to survive under constant increase of price for gas and high interest rates of the banks.In order to achieve the aim of better performance the greenhouse industry should increase production significantly on the one hand and lower energy consumption where possible on the other through modernization or construction of the new facilities.

The Project is implemented within the framework of the program of the Ukraine Sustainable Energy Finance Project focused on cooperation with local financial institutions to develop Sustainable Energy Finance (SEF) products to support the private commercial sector in better energy efficiency.

To strengthen the ability of the greenhouse sector to be more energy efficient and to give insight in best practice indicators and technical solutions (based on Dutch horticulture sector examples) applicable under Ukrainian conditions (first of all, as to energy) in the different regions of Ukraine, International Financial Corporation (IFC, member of World Bank Group) has initiated the Study.

IFC has awarded the contract for this Study to Consortium of companies: Tebodin Ukraine CFI, EC Group and VEK Adviesgroep.


Greenhouse crops

Financial and economic feasibility study