Strawberry nursery, renovation & new

On-site expansion of glasshouses is not always possible. Kwekerij Loos purchased an existing glasshouse nearby their own premises to grow more premium winter strawberries. The former tomato glasshouse was renovated by changing the heating and irrigation system and adding a crop gutter system, a grow light installation and blackout screens. A new boiler and heat storage tank was built as well.

Besides strawberries, this site would be used to grow asparagus as well. The surplus of heat from the strawberry glasshouse would be used to heat the beds of the asparagus.

VEK was involved in making the overall masterplan, technical designs, necessary planning applications for the heat storage tanks and glasshouse.

Moerstraten, the Netherlands


1.9 ha existing and 1.1 ha new production greenhouse

masterplan, design, permits