Research greenhouse Memphis USA, R&D

On request of a multinational VEK participated in the design and set-up of a research greenhouse in Memphis USA. Before VEK was assigned, a local team had prepared a greenhouse concept together with a local architect. VEK specialists improved the project design regarding logistics, labor conditions, energy saving, footprint and capital investment.

Due to the harsh climate conditions on one hand and climate requirements for the crop on other hand, good labor conditions for personnel were difficult to combine. By using a system with automated benches and a separate climate controlled working area in the service building the best of both worlds was accomplished. Without compromising the capacity of plant cultivation, the total size of greenhouse area was decreased with 60%. This resulted in less capital investment and lower operational cost on energy. Result was the delivery of a project that was called ‘the future of crop research’.

VEK was involved in the design of the greenhouses and its equipment, engineering, technical specifications, tendering & contracting. Because of confidentiality we cannot provide any more details.

Memphis, USA

open field crops

design, technical specifications, tendering

2014 (greenhouse)