Area development Japan

The client would like to promote and/or invest in modern food production in Japan.

A group of Dutch companies specialized in modern horticulture, among which VEK Adviesgroep, together formed an alliance with extensive experience and interest in doing business in Japan.

Both parties (client and alliance) want to investigate the financial feasibility of the development of large greenhouses at Fukui, Japan, according to Dutch standards.

The project idea is to develop an area of approx. 50 ha of land with greenhouses for edible vegetable production (approx. 40 ha). Idea is to set-up a first greenhouse of 10 hectare for cultivation of tomatoes.
The role of the alliance is to transform the ideas and ambitions into a well-founded detailed plan. The accent of the work is to develop the overall plan, to emphasise the aspects of crop cultivation and technical infrastructural aspects in combination with the local climate circumstances.

Myanmar, Heho


50 ha of lland

1st phase greenhouse of 10 ha

feasibility study, design, advise on energy infrastructure