Multi-stage vegetable seed breeding station

The client is an internationally operating vegetable seed breeding company, which continuously focusses on innovation and growth. Because of this growth – both in the past and the present – and the need to compete in an increasing global market, the client decided to expand its existing company in the south of The Netherlands. The area across the road offered the possibility to expand up to 20.5 Ha of glass surface. In the first phase an expansion of 7.5 Ha of glass and a central building was anticipated. The remaining surface will be realized in the following years, depending on the need. An important aspect was to integrate the project in the local landscape. This also involved the whole water infrastructure.  

On request of the client VEK was involved in the design and set-up of greenhouses, central building, de-central technical areas and water basin, including permits, technical specifications, tendering, procurement, and the complete project management and building supervision. 

Nunhem, the Netherlands

R&D – vegetable seeds

7.5 ha R&D greenhouse (1st phase of in total 20.5 ha greenhouse)

Central building for all greenhouses & de-central technical areas, integrated in the greenhouses

design & architecture, building permits, technical specifications, tendering, contracting, project management