There are quite a lot of advantages of growing crops in a greenhouse:

  • Off-season cultivation of crops
  • Creating most suitable climate for each crop and stage
  • Higher production and better quality
  • Pest control and hygiene
  • Protection against extreme weather 
  • Efficient use of resources (energy & water)
  • Options for automation, safe working conditions

Commercial production

VEK strives to deliver a greenhouse that produces 100% quality products against the lowest costs. A commercial greenhouse is an investment in absolute control over your crops.

New crop in greenhouse
Small tomato seedlings

Breeding & propagation

A breeding greenhouse needs to be secured in a hygienic closed of environment so that the breeding process can’t be disturbed. With more than 50 years of experience VEK knows what a breeding greenhouse exactly needs and how much it should cost. 

Research & Development

We aim to create the perfect environment where new innovations can flourish. A hygienic greenhouse with the best and newest technology.

Plant research
Cannabis or Hemp


In some countries and states it is possible to obtain a license to produce cannabis. Cannabis can be grown in open field, greenhouses and indoor.