Duijvestijn Next, complete building project, tomato

Fifteen years after Duijvestijn Brothers moved to Pijnacker to setup their existing greenhouse company, a second location was developed on the other side of the road. This Duijvestijn Next location  includes the latest horticultural technologies to be able to create optimal growing conditions for tomatoes with minimum use of (fossil) energy. Heated on their existing geothermal well and using LED grow lights to grow year-round high quality fresh produce.

VEK Adviesgroep was responsible for the design of the project including two block of greenhouses, the packing building (with offices, canteen and changing room), technical areas for all equipment including (backup-)boiler room and irrigation.

Pijnacker-Nootdorp, the Netherlands


102,800 m2 production greenhouse

2,350 m2 packing building,  1,920 m2 technical areas

design, permits, technical specifications