Our company is a collective of amazing people striving to build delightful greenhouses.

With our 10 Step approach, we serve our customers to guide them through the process of having an idea towards running a greenhouse.

10 Step approach

In case of a new project: we can assist you on (1) conceptual project design for your project idea.

 This design is the base for the (2) investment estimate (=CapEx).

 Together with things like a crop plan and energy plan, the (3) total operational costs (OpEx) can estimated.

These figures can be used in a (4) feasibility study.

 After approval, technical project design can be upgraded to make (5) tender specifications

Potential suppliers/builders/contractors can make their bids and we can (6) compare and evaluate these. 

Next step is (7) contracting… 

…followed by (8) building. During building we can act as project manager or on-site-supervisor.

For formal (9) completion we can check the total project to see if everybody has delivered what was contracted. 

Education/teaching (10) of staff we can arrange with some Dutch partners in this field.