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Demo greenhouse Myanmar, MM, fruity vegetables

Location Myanmar, Heho Culture fruity vegetables Greenhouse approx. 3,000 m2 production greenhouse Buildings integrated Advise 2015-2018; masterplan, design, planning&zoning, permits, technical specification Start building 2017 Start production 2018 Demonstration greenhouse Myanmar, fruity vegetables Six Dutch companies, active in horticulture, have set

Rijk Zwaan Dinteloord, R&D

Location Netherlands, Dinteloord Culture R&D, seed Greenhouse approx. 44,300 m2 seed production greenhouse Buildings approx. 1,900 m2 packing building (stage 1). Advise 2016-2017; masterplan, design, permits, technical specification Start building 2017 Start production planned for 2018 Rijk Zwaan Dinteloord, R&D

Business plan UAE

Location United Arabic Emirates Culture vegetables Advise 2013; Business plan Business plan UAE Client operates a greenhouse complex in Dubai. The harsh climate resulted in difficulties to reach the expected production levels in the plastic film greenhouse. Also some of

Assessment of Possibilities Russia

Location Russia Culture Tomato & roses Advise 2011; Assessment of Possibilities Assessment of Possibilities Russia Since 2011 VEK offers a product called Assessment of Possibilities. VEK is asked frequently to check viability of horticultural initiatives for local food & flower

Cost price analysis tomato production Netherlands

Location Netherlands Culture Tomato Advise 2007; Cost price analysis Cost price analysis tomato production Netherlands More information will follow.  

Business plan Turkey

Location Turkey Culture Tomato, sweet pepper Advise 2009; Financial feasibility study, bankable business plan Business plan Turkey A Dutch greenhouse builder approached VEK to set up a business plan for his Turkish client. This client had concrete ideas to start

Analysis horticultural sector Australia

Location Australia Culture Lettuce, vine tomatoes, strawberries Advise 2009; Analysis of the international horticultural sector Analysis horticultural sector Australia VEK Adviesgroep carried out an analysis of the horticultural sector in Australia. The initiator of this project was a British client

Business plan Iran

Location North west of Iran Teelten Cut flowers & vegetables (tomato) Advise 2005; Business plan with feasibility study Business plan Iran In the province East Azerbaijan (North West of Iran), close to the city Jolfa, a valley of approx. 1.830

Business plan China

Location China, Zhengzhou Culture Various crops Advise 1999; Business plan Business plan China In 1996 Henan Yu American Industry and Commerce Development Co. Ltd. drew up a feasibility study with reference to the planned Henan Greenhouse Demonstration project. Main objective