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Masterplan Demo Greenhouse Japan

Location Japan Culture vegetables Greenhouse 960 m2 production greenhouses Buildings 1360 m2 including greenhouse CHP – Advise 2015-2016; design, cost estimate, project budget Start building unknown Start production unknown Demo greenhouse Japan A Japanese company has setup a Bio Innovation Center.

Kwekerij Loos, NL, strawberry

Location Netherlands, Lepelstraat Culture Strawberry Greenhouse 1.9 ha existing and 1.1 ha new Buildings – Advise 2016; masterplan, design, permits Start building 2016 Start use 2016 Kwekerij Loos, NL, strawberry On-site expansion of glasshouses is not always possible. Kwekerij Loos has purchased

Kwekerij Bosdonk, NL, strawberry

Location Netherlands, Prinsenbeek Culture Strawberry Greenhouse 2.7 ha Buildings – Advise 2015; design, permits Start building 2015 Start use 2015 Kwekerij Bosdonk, NL, strawberry Besides big greenhouse projects, VEK is asked to assist for smaller projects too. The heat storage

Combined Heat and Power

Location Worldwide Culture Miscellaneous Energy sources: natural gas and bio gas Advise 2000-now; Permits, feasibility, technical implementation CHP: more efficient energy production More information will follow.

Business plan Wales UK

Location United Kingdom, Wales Culture Vegetables Advise 2008; Business plan, Business plan Wales, UK VEK Adviesgroep was involved in the setup of a business plan for the realization of a greenhouse complex for vegetables. The project idea was to produce

Semi-closed Greenhouse Prominent, tomato

Location Nederland, Westland Culture Tomaten Greenhouse 93,000 m2 productiekassen met technische ruimten Buildings 2,500 m2 bedrijfsruimte CHP 2.4 MW-e (2006); 3.0 MW-e (2010) Advisering 2005-2007; ontwerp, vergunningen, turnkey, subsidies, bestekken, aanbesteding, projectbegeleiding, oplevering Start building 2006 Start use 2006 Semi-Closed

Ukrainian greenhouse sector study

Location Ukraine Culture Greenhouse crops Advise 2013-2014; Financial and economic feasibility study Ukrainian Greenhouse sector study Investment potential and opportunities to improve efficiency and sustainability.Greenhouse sector is one of the most energy intensive businesses in Ukraine. In the greenhouse sector