Project Management & Supervision

Design, Engineering and Project Management of greenhouse construction is our core business. Do you have plans for your company, a thorough renovation or perhaps a new construction? The VEK Engineers are eager to assist you with their expertise!

Entrepreneurs in horticulture, from individual production growers, growers associations, institutional investors to garden centres, you can all benefit from our expertise in the field of site layout, logistics, internal transport, automation, greenhouse construction, heating, water techniques, electrical, screening, CO2 dosage, climate computers, etc. Have your issues solved by us; we do this on a daily base while you do it once in a lifetime…

Our VEK Engineers perform the following services together with-, and on behalf of you:

  • Inventory of work to be done and issues to be resolved presented in a timeline covering all items in sequence up to commissioning;
  • A design to your requirements with a layout drawing, project description, and estimation of cost as deliverables;
  • Drawing up of all technical tender specifications and drawings for greenhouse and installations;
  • Coordinating necessary permit applications. Including acquiring the data in capacity and content and the corresponding drawings;
  • Tendering and selecting appropriate suppliers and comparing price quotations;
  • Negotiating with supplying companies;
  • Drawing up contracts and price agreements;
  • Supervising and coordinating construction with regular meetings and checks, keeping the planning in check and financial progress and final settlement/accounting;
  • Completion and commissioning.