Horticultural area development

The horticultural sector is changing fast with a direct impact on its environment, the spatial planning, scale and unit-size as well as the supply structure of the industry. Therefore both new developments and restructuring are necessary in The Netherlands to remain an important horticultural centre in the future. In practice this means that some companies move to new development areas, thus creating additional room for those that stay behind, for housing, nature, recreation, etc.

The VEK specialists are often involved in all aspects of spatial planning, including greenhouses, landscaping, recreation and housing. We define requirements for these horticultural areas and agro parks; we design and develop them.

VEK assists you with:

  • Review of current zoning regulations, procedures and existing easements in preparation for horticultural development;
  • Inventory of existing run-down areas for opportunities of private development;
  • Preparation of plans for restructuring and development of areas;
  • Plan approval by authorities to restructure run-down areas;
  • Calculation of financial feasibility;
  • Selection process for resettlement;
  • Mediation during the acquisition of land from owners in the area;
  • Organising additional support for entrepreneurs in area when the plan is executed;
  • Collective sale or purchase by companies;
  • Permits, applications, notifications, exemptions and appeals.