Looije Tomatoes Burgerveen 2, NL, Tomato

Location Netherlands, Aalsmeer area
Culture Specialty tomatoes
Greenhouse 86,920 m2 greenhouses (2013)
Buildings 1,040 m2 extra corridor
CHP 1 additional gas engine, 4.4 MW-e
Advise 2012-2013;
design, permits
Start building 2013
Start use 2013

Looije Tomaten Burgerveen 2, NL, Tomato

After realization of Phase 1 in 2011, VEK is involved with the realization of the next phase. Combined with installing supplemental lighting in phase 1, the entire greenhouse in phase 2 will be installed with supplemental lighting too. This makes it possible to produce Looije’s famous Honey tomatoes the whole year round. Also the greenhouse in phase 2 will be equipped with coated and diffuse glass on the greenhouse roof. An other innovation is application of the newest systems for active dehumidification by adding less humid air for outside the greenhouse into is (the Next Generation of Greenhouse Cultivation).

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