The layout of new construction projects is greatly influenced by regulations under which permits are obtained and these rules vary per country and region where the general trend to be seen is that densely populated areas tend to have more rules, and the same trend can be seen for countries with a higher GDP. The Netherlands is a densely populated high GDP country where in the past decades rules became more complex, requirements more stringent, and enforcement stricter and penalties for none-compliance increased.

In horticulture the Netherlands is an excellent experimental base where VEK is routinely involved in the definition of new rules on behalf of authorities as well as the acquisition of necessary permits on behalf of growers for building & construction, demolition, commissioning, logging, water, sewage, draining, road-access, data connection, power connection, ecological compensation and so forth.

For projects outside the Netherlands VEK works together with a local person entitled to apply for permits under local regulations (usually a well informed local architect). In that situation VEK supplies the necessary drawings and the calculations upfront to the applicant, who will make sure the application is filed according to local regulations.