Grants & Energy saving

The layout of new projects can also be influenced by rules under which grants and subsidies are obtained and these rules vary per country and region. For the Dutch horticultural sector there is an enormous amount of regulations for obtaining grants and subsidies which are set by both the Government of the Netherlands and the European Union. Examples of these would be: EIA (grants for using energy saving techniques), MIA (grants for using environmental friendly techniques), or interest rate cuts for investment in energy saving and sustainable energy. As the client’s consultant VEK ensures that the design of a project abides by the rules for a subsidy and VEK is also frequently involved in the acquisition of it.

This movie shows an animation of energy savings in Dutch Horticulture from the past to the future!


For projects abroad some regulations may be comparable to the Dutch situation or will be easily adapted to local circumstances (especially if energy saving measures are required). Despite VEK’s vast experience it is necessary however, to engage the assistance of a local consultant to ensure that optimum use is made of available grants and subsidies.

In addition, VEK is frequently involved in regulations that focus on sustainable cooperation between the Netherlands and developing countries, such as DGGF.