Bankable business plan

When VEK draws up a bankable business plan, it will always be handed in according to the required format defined by the bank in question, and the content will be based on a design tailored to your requirements in your environment and focused on increased results in turnover and profitability, achieved through rationalising layout, logistics, and method of cultivation
VEK’s critical analysis always enables you to decide based on clear answers to questions like:

  • Which investments are profitable for my business?
  • What is the best form of finance in my situation?
  • What is the best organisation structure for my situation?
  • Which marketing strategy suits my business best?
  • Expansion, renovation or relocation of my business?
  • Do I join in Strategic partnership alliances or do I investment abroad alone?

Although a bankable business plan will consist of the stated above it will be structured by a design tailored to your requirements in your environment, including a layout drawing, a project description, and an estimation of the investment cost, that includes a cost price calculation, and estimations presented in tables and graphs of several years of production, turnover and profit.

So whatever you need, establishing feasibility, a business plan, or bankable report, we know the answers to questions you do not pose but should in order to increase profitability. We know all loopholes in the trade and guide you around the pitfalls on your way!