Design & Finance

Feasibility study & Business plan

A VEK business plan is always based on established feasibility and a design tailored to your requirements in your environment and is always focused on increased results in turnover and profitability. This increase is achieved through rationalizing the layout, the logistics, and method of cultivation which result in a higher yield and cost savings. With VEK’s critical analysis in the study you will be able to answer questions like:

  • Which investments are profitable for my business?
  • What is the best form of finance in my situation?
  • Which marketing strategy suits my business situation best?
  • Expansion, renovation or relocation of my business?
  • Do I join in Strategic partnership alliances or do I invest abroad alone?

In order to make a well founded decision, you need to understand the costs and benefits of alternatives. VEK makes the pro’s and con’s visible for you and thereby assists in the decision making process.

A good way to start this process is an initial assessment of possibilities.

If the project idea seems really promising, the next step is to make a conceptual design with feasibility study. All gathered information during the assessment of possibilities shall be used and worked out.

Next step is a bankable business plan: a much more detailed design with a more accurate estimation of the total investment, operational cost, yields, market prices, finance et cetera.