Assessment of Possibilities (AoP)

A good start and in the same time to get to know us is an on site initial Assessment of your Possibilities (AoP).

During this visit we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the available site or define search requirements for a site together with you. All location requirements such as accessibility, availability of energy, water, sewage, data lines, and local labour will be discussed. We also discuss the required crop and method of cultivation, discuss organization forms, we may gather information for study purposes and discuss possible layouts of your greenhouse complex.

Technically it’s possible to cultivate almost anything in all climates everywhere but ultimately the necessary effort in hardware, energy, labour and skill as well as the availability of a market determines the cost price and thus the feasibility of your venture.

The visit will be an excellent opportunity to provide you with a quick overview in order to adjust ideas on what is doable and how to cultivate in and operate a modern greenhouse. It provides essential overview on the spot right at the start of your venture.

We know the answers to questions you should have asked, we know loopholes in the trade and guide you around the pitfalls.

The initial AoP will be concluded with a brief report on the findings of the visit that in itself provides a solid base for further cooperation / assistance.

If the results of the AoP are promissing, the next step could be to start with the first design, together with a feasibility check.