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Assessment of Possibilities Russia

Location Russia Culture Tomato & roses Advise 2011; Assessment of Possibilities Assessment of Possibilities Russia Since 2011 VEK offers a product called Assessment of Possibilities. VEK is asked frequently to check viability of horticultural initiatives for local food & flower

Feasibility study Krasnodar Russia

Location Russia, Krasnodar Culture Tomato Advise 2008; Financial feasibility study Feasibility study Krasnodar, Russia In Krasnodar (Russia), a client wanted to produce tomatoes (5,0 ha) in the most modern greenhouses according to the latest technology. The client wanted to have

Business plan Kaluga, Russia

Location Russia, Kaluga/Moscow Culture Roses & other flowers Advise 2004; Business plan Business plan Kaluga, Russia Assigned by a Russian trading company and in cooperation with a Dutch supplying company of greenhouse and irrigation equipment VEK Adviesgroep was requested to