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Kwekerij Loos, NL, strawberry

Location Netherlands, Lepelstraat Culture Strawberry Greenhouse 1.9 ha existing and 1.1 ha new Buildings РAdvise 2016; masterplan, design, permits Start building 2016 Start use 2016 Kwekerij Loos, NL, strawberry On-site expansion of glasshouses is not always possible. Kwekerij Loos has purchased

Kwekerij Bosdonk, NL, strawberry

Location Netherlands, Prinsenbeek Culture Strawberry Greenhouse 2.7 ha Buildings – Advise 2015; design, permits Start building 2015 Start use 2015 Kwekerij Bosdonk, NL, strawberry Besides big greenhouse projects, VEK is asked to assist for smaller projects too. The heat storage