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Business plan UAE

Location United Arabic Emirates Culture vegetables Advise 2013; Business plan Business plan UAE Client operates a greenhouse complex in Dubai. The harsh climate resulted in difficulties to reach the expected production levels in the plastic film greenhouse. Also some of

Strategic study Iceland

Location Iceland Culture Cut flowers & vegetables (tomato) Advise 2003-2006; Strategic study Strategic study Iceland For this investment association a strategic study had to be carried out on the opportunities for horticultural development in Iceland. The focus was on sustainability

Van Oers Fruit, NL, strawberry

Location Netherlands, Prinsenbeek Culture Strawberry Greenhouse Greenhouse 2 ha expansion (3.5 ha in total) Buildings – Advise 2014-2015; design, permits, grants Start building 2015 Start use 2015 (greenhouse) Van Oers Fruit, NL strawberry On behalf of the expansion of the