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Fleuronova, Propagation

Location Germany Culture Starting of seedlings in plugtrays/ production of young plants Greenhouse 16,000 m2 production greenhouse 1997 several extensions up to 25,500 m2 in 2002 several extensions up to 32,370 m2 in 2011 Buildings 5,140 m2 shipping building with

Bruno Nebelung, Propagation

Location Germany Culture Young plants / seedlings Greenhouse 16,000 m2 greenhouses Buildings 5,1400 m2 packing building CHP – Advise 1996-1997; design, technical specifications, tendering, project management Start building 1997 Start use 1997 Bruno Nebelung, Propagation / seedlings Design, specification and

Gatersleben Germany, R&D

Location Germany, Gatersleben Culture R&D – seed breeding & testing of wheat Greenhouse – Buildings – Advise 2013-2015; design, engineering, tendering, contracting, project management Start building 2014 Start use 2015 Gatersleben, Germany, R&D On request of a multinational VEK participated

Business plan Germany

Location Germany, Munich region Culture Pot plants Advise 1999; Business plan Business plan Germany In 1999 VEK was assigned to set up a business plan for a Dutch pot plant nursery. A substantial part of the production of this company

Monheim Germany, R&D

Location Germany,┬áMonheim Culture R&D – plant research Greenhouse – Buildings – Advise 2013-2016; design, technical specifications, tendering Start building 2015 Start use 2016 Monheim, Germany, R&D On request of a multinational VEK participated in the design and set-up of a