Viewing: conceptual design

Porta Nova, NL, Roses

Location Netherlands, Waddinxveen Culture cutroses Greenhouse approx. 86,400 m2 production greenhouse Buildings approx. 8,900 m2 packing building and technical areas. Advise 2016-2018; masterplan, design, planning&zoning, permits, technical specification Start building end 2017 Start production planned for 2018 Porta Nova, Roses

Rijk Zwaan Dinteloord, R&D

Location Netherlands, Dinteloord Culture R&D, seed Greenhouse approx. 44,300 m2 seed production greenhouse Buildings approx. 1,900 m2 packing building (stage 1). Advise 2016-2017; masterplan, design, permits, technical specification Start building 2017 Start production planned for 2018 Rijk Zwaan Dinteloord, R&D

Masterplan Demo Greenhouse Japan

Location Japan Culture vegetables Greenhouse 960 m2 production greenhouses Buildings 1360 m2 including greenhouse CHP – Advise 2015-2016; design, cost estimate, project budget Start building unknown Start production unknown Demo greenhouse Japan A Japanese company has setup a Bio Innovation Center.

Assessment of Possibilities Russia

Location Russia Culture Tomato & roses Advise 2011; Assessment of Possibilities Assessment of Possibilities Russia Since 2011 VEK offers a product called Assessment of Possibilities. VEK is asked frequently to check viability of horticultural initiatives for local food & flower

Business plan China

Location China, Zhengzhou Culture Various crops Advise 1999; Business plan Business plan China In 1996 Henan Yu American Industry and Commerce Development Co. Ltd. drew up a feasibility study with reference to the planned Henan Greenhouse Demonstration project. Main objective

Business plan Wales UK

Location United Kingdom, Wales Culture Vegetables Advise 2008; Business plan, Business plan Wales, UK VEK Adviesgroep was involved in the setup of a business plan for the realization of a greenhouse complex for vegetables. The project idea was to produce

3D Modeling

Today, VEK uses 3D modeling more often during the early stages of designing greenhouse projects. A picture is worth a thousand words!