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Deliflor, Chrysanthemum Breeding

Location Netherlands, Westland Culture Breeding of chrysanthemum cuttings Greenhouse 50,000 m2 production greenhouse Buildings 8,000 m2 shipping building & offices CHP 3.2 MW-e in 2007 Advise 2006-2008; design, permits, technical specifications, tendering, project management Start building 2007 Start production 2007 Deliflor

Bruinen & Sons, Chrysanthemum

Location Netherlands, Westland Culture Chrysanthemum Greenhouse 55,000 m2 greenhouses Buildings 1,000 m2 shipping building and technical areas with offices & kanteen on 2nd floor CHP 2 gas engines, 3.44 MW-e Advise 2007-2008; design, permits, grants, technical specifications, tendering, project management

Feasibility study Spain

Location Spanje Culture Cutflowers (rose, chrysanthemum, carnation, gerbera) Advise 2009; Feasibility study Feasibility study Spain Our Spanish client had plans to start a greenhouse operation in Spain. This project comprised 20 hectares of glasshouses determined for cut flowers, namely roses (50%),