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Gebr. L&J Voskamp, Tomato

Location Netherlands, Westland Culture Tomato Greenhouse 105,000 m2 (2003) 80,000 m2 (2004) 38,000 m2 (2007) 24,000 m2 (2009) Buildings 4,000 m2 packing building CHP 4 gas engines, 8.4 MW-e in 2005; 5th engine of 3.0 MW-e in 2006 Advise 2002-2004;

Beekenkamp Plants (AB), Propagation & Breeding

Location Netherlands, Westland Culture Propagation & breeding of starting material (location AB) Greenhouse 50,000 m2 production greenhouses Buildings 10,000 m2 shipping building CHP 3.4 MW-e in 2007 Advise 2003-2005; design, permits, technical specifications, tendering, project management Start building 2004 Start

Kwekerij St. Aechtenland, Tomato

Location Netherlands, Westland Culture Tomatoes Greenhouse 78,000 m2 greenhouses (2011) Buildings 1,600 m2 technical building CHP 1 gas engine, 4.4 MW-e in 2011 Advise 2010-2011; turnkey Start building 2011 Start production 2011 Kwekerij St. Aechtenland, Tomato New complex After purchasing of

Looije Tomaten Burgerveen, Tomato

Location Netherlands, Aalsmeer area Culture Honey tomatoes Greenhouse 90,393 m2 greenhouses (2011) Buildings 4,670 m2 corridor & technical areas approx. 1,650 m2 packing building & offices/canteen CHP 1 gas engine, 4.0 MW-e in 2011 Advise 2007-2011; turnkey Start building 2011 Start production 2011

Combined Heat and Power

Location Worldwide Culture Miscellaneous Energy sources: natural gas and bio gas Advise 2000-now; Permits, feasibility, technical implementation CHP: more efficient energy production More information will follow.

Assessment of Possibilities Russia

Location Russia Culture Tomato & roses Advise 2011; Assessment of Possibilities Assessment of Possibilities Russia Since 2011 VEK offers a product called Assessment of Possibilities. VEK is asked frequently to check viability of horticultural initiatives for local food & flower

Business plan & feasibility study Greece

Location Greece Culture Vine tomatoes Advise 2008; Business plan, feasibility study Business plan & feasibility study Greece Our Greek client had plans to develop a greenhouse facility in Thessaloniki, Greece. The project idea was to produce vine tomatoes in a

Feasibility study Switzerland

Location Switzerland Culture Various crops Advise 2003; Feasibility study Feasibility study Switzerland In 2003 a delegation of a Swiss public energy supplier and the owners of a Swiss horticultural company visited VEK Adviesgroep. Purpose of the visit was to learn

Thanet Earth, Kent, UK

Location United Kingdom, Kent Area area of Monkton Old situation 60 ha agricultural area New situation approx. 60 ha new glasshouse area with distribution center Advise 2005-2007; feasibility study, design, advise on energy infrastructure Thanet Earth, Kent, UK Our Dutch