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Looije Tomatoes Burgerveen 2, NL, Tomato

Location Netherlands, Aalsmeer area Culture Specialty tomatoes Greenhouse 86,920 m2 greenhouses (2013) Buildings 1,040 m2 extra corridor CHP 1 additional gas engine, 4.4 MW-e Advise 2012-2013; design, permits Start building 2013 Start use 2013 Looije Tomaten Burgerveen 2, NL, Tomato After realization of

Van Oers Fruit, NL, strawberry

Location Netherlands, Prinsenbeek Culture Strawberry Greenhouse Greenhouse 2 ha expansion (3.5 ha in total) Buildings – Advise 2014-2015; design, permits, grants Start building 2015 Start use 2015 (greenhouse) Van Oers Fruit, NL strawberry On behalf of the expansion of the