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Area development Wales, UK

Location United Kingdom Area Wales Old situation agricultural area New situation approx. 30 ha new glasshouse area Advise 2008; feasibility study, design, advise on energy infrastructure & adjustments of power plant. Area development with residual heat and CO2 in Wales,

Combined Heat and Power

Location Worldwide Culture Miscellaneous Energy sources: natural gas and bio gas Advise 2000-now; Permits, feasibility, technical implementation CHP: more efficient energy production More information will follow.

Geothermal energy

Location Netherlands, Pijnacker Culture Tomato Energy geothermal well approx. 14 MW thermal production and injection well on -2400 m temperature production water: approx. 80° C Advise 2012-2013; permits Geothermal energy for tomatoes Taking care of the license procedures regarding the

Semi-closed Greenhouse Prominent, tomato

Location Nederland, Westland Culture Tomaten Greenhouse 93,000 m2 productiekassen met technische ruimten Buildings 2,500 m2 bedrijfsruimte CHP 2.4 MW-e (2006); 3.0 MW-e (2010) Advisering 2005-2007; ontwerp, vergunningen, turnkey, subsidies, bestekken, aanbesteding, projectbegeleiding, oplevering Start building 2006 Start use 2006 Semi-Closed