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Strategic study Iceland

Location Iceland Culture Cut flowers & vegetables (tomato) Advise 2003-2006; Strategic study Strategic study Iceland For this investment association a strategic study had to be carried out on the opportunities for horticultural development in Iceland. The focus was on sustainability

Business plan Iran

Location North west of Iran Teelten Cut flowers & vegetables (tomato) Advise 2005; Business plan with feasibility study Business plan Iran In the province East Azerbaijan (North West of Iran), close to the city Jolfa, a valley of approx. 1.830

Business plan Kaluga, Russia

Location Russia, Kaluga/Moscow Culture Roses & other flowers Advise 2004; Business plan Business plan Kaluga, Russia Assigned by a Russian trading company and in cooperation with a Dutch supplying company of greenhouse and irrigation equipment VEK Adviesgroep was requested to

Feasibility study Switzerland

Location Switzerland Culture Various crops Advise 2003; Feasibility study Feasibility study Switzerland In 2003 a delegation of a Swiss public energy supplier and the owners of a Swiss horticultural company visited VEK Adviesgroep. Purpose of the visit was to learn

Business plan China

Location China, Zhengzhou Culture Various crops Advise 1999; Business plan Business plan China In 1996 Henan Yu American Industry and Commerce Development Co. Ltd. drew up a feasibility study with reference to the planned Henan Greenhouse Demonstration project. Main objective

Business plan Wales UK

Location United Kingdom, Wales Culture Vegetables Advise 2008; Business plan, Business plan Wales, UK VEK Adviesgroep was involved in the setup of a business plan for the realization of a greenhouse complex for vegetables. The project idea was to produce

Thanet Earth, Kent, UK

Location United Kingdom, Kent Area area of Monkton Old situation 60 ha agricultural area New situation approx. 60 ha new glasshouse area with distribution center Advise 2005-2007; feasibility study, design, advise on energy infrastructure Thanet Earth, Kent, UK Our Dutch

Ukrainian greenhouse sector study

Location Ukraine Culture Greenhouse crops Advise 2013-2014; Financial and economic feasibility study Ukrainian Greenhouse sector study Investment potential and opportunities to improve efficiency and sustainability.Greenhouse sector is one of the most energy intensive businesses in Ukraine. In the greenhouse sector