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Porta Nova, NL, Roses

Location Netherlands, Waddinxveen Culture cutroses Greenhouse approx. 86,400 m2 production greenhouse Buildings approx. 8,900 m2 packing building and technical areas. Advise 2016-2018; masterplan, design, planning&zoning, permits, technical specification Start building end 2017 Start production planned for 2018 Porta Nova, Roses

Rijk Zwaan Dinteloord, R&D

Location Netherlands, Dinteloord Culture R&D, seed Greenhouse approx. 44,300 m2 seed production greenhouse Buildings approx. 1,900 m2 packing building (stage 1). Advise 2016-2017; masterplan, design, permits, technical specification Start building 2017 Start production planned for 2018 Rijk Zwaan Dinteloord, R&D

Masterplan Demo Greenhouse Japan

Location Japan Culture vegetables Greenhouse 960 m2 production greenhouses Buildings 1360 m2 including greenhouse CHP – Advise 2015-2016; design, cost estimate, project budget Start building unknown Start production unknown Demo greenhouse Japan A Japanese company has setup a Bio Innovation Center.

Kwekerij Loos, NL, strawberry

Location Netherlands, Lepelstraat Culture Strawberry Greenhouse 1.9 ha existing and 1.1 ha new Buildings – Advise 2016; masterplan, design, permits Start building 2016 Start use 2016 Kwekerij Loos, NL, strawberry On-site expansion of glasshouses is not always possible. Kwekerij Loos has purchased

Beekenkamp Plants, Young plants

Location Netherlands, Lutjebroek Culture Propagation of starting material Greenhouse 41,000 m2 production greenhouses Buildings 2,600 m2 shipping building CHP – Advise 2015-2016; design, permits Start building 2016 Start production 2016 Beekenkamp Plants, Young plant production Several years, Beekenkamp is operating a young

Rijk Zwaan SQC, R&D

Location Netherlands, Westland Culture R&D, location Zijtwende Greenhouse approx. 3,590 m2 r&d greenhouse Buildings approx. 3,980 m2 packing building with climate rooms and approx. 4.400 m2 laboratory, offices and canteen. Advise 2015-2016; design, permits, technical specification Start building 2016 Start

Kwekerij Bosdonk, NL, strawberry

Location Netherlands, Prinsenbeek Culture Strawberry Greenhouse 2.7 ha Buildings – Advise 2015; design, permits Start building 2015 Start use 2015 Kwekerij Bosdonk, NL, strawberry Besides big greenhouse projects, VEK is asked to assist for smaller projects too. The heat storage

Residential area Burg. Cramerlaan, Westland

Location Netherlands, Westland Area Burg. Cramerlaan 7-11, De Lier Old situation 3 landowners, 2 old nurseries, 18,180 m2 demolished greenhouses New situation 6 new houses of which 5 houses zoned as housing purpose Authorities involved Municipality of Westland, Province of

Reconstruction Groeneweg, Westland

Location Netherlands, Westland Area Groeneweg 75a, ‘s-Gravenzande Old situation 11 landowners, 7 old nurseries, 82,000 m2 demolished greenhouses, 3 demolished houses New situation 1 vine tomato nursery with 93,000 m2 of production greenhouses, 1 new house in the same area, 2 houses

Varekamp, Tomato

Location Netherlands, Westland Culture Tomatoes Greenhouse 62,478 m2 greenhouses (2007) Buildings approx. 2,000 m2 headhouse, technical rooms & 250 m2 offices/canteen CHP 2 x  2.4 MW-e Advise 2006-2008; turnkey Start building Mid 2007 Start production 2008 Varekamp, Tomato Construction of