The horticultural industry is a knowledge and investment based sector with its own dynamic. For a number of decades now, the industry has been driven by innovations originating from both inside and outside the industry. These innovations are either aimed at meeting the needs and wishes of customers or increasing or protecting a grower’s advantage over the competition.

VEK Adviesgroep has been operating in the horticultural industry for over 45 years. Each and every day, VEK consultants are busy testing ideas, developing concepts, answering questions, solving problems and executing plans – both in the Netherlands and abroad. That is our speciality and daily job.

We know the industry inside out and are literally at the centre of it. We have expert consultants working at our offices in the Netherlands, each one with an extensive background in the horticultural industry.

VEK Adviesgroep provides professional and practical consultancy services to businesses, organizations and government agencies which are directly or indirectly involved in the horticultural industry. Our consultancy services are divided into two main areas:

  • Engineers: technical advice / consultancy in greenhouse projects, development of agro logistic distribution centres and design of horticultural companies;
  • Consultants: support of entrepreneurs, investors, bankers and government in the field of strategy, organisation and management.