Beekenkamp Plants, Young plants

Location Netherlands, Lutjebroek
Culture Propagation of starting material
Greenhouse 41,000 m2 production greenhouses
Buildings 2,600 m2 shipping building
Advise 2015-2016;
design, permits
Start building 2016
Start production 2016

Beekenkamp Plants, Young plant production

Several years, Beekenkamp is operating a young plant production site at Lutjebroek, Noord Holland to supply lokal growers with young plants for open field crops and glasshouse crops. The past years, more and more young plants are produced for seed production. Lutjebroek is located in an area where many companies are involved in seed breeding, seed production, seed treatment and seed trade. To promote the businesses in this area, it is called Seed Valley.

To be able to deliver enough high quality plants in response to an increased market demand, a neighboring plot of land was purchased to be able to expand the glasshouses from 2.8 to 4.1 hectare.