Residential area Burg. Cramerlaan, Westland

Location Netherlands, Westland
Area Burg. Cramerlaan 7-11, De Lier
Old situation 3 landowners,
2 old nurseries,
18,180 m2 demolished greenhouses
New situation 6 new houses of which
5 houses zoned as housing purpose
Authorities involved Municipality of Westland, Province of Zuid-Holland
Advise 2008-2010;
design, permits, soil sanitation, zoning plan, water research, utilities

Residential area Burg. Cramerlaan, Westland

In order to realize a new 10 ha glasshouse complex several parcels of land were acquired and old greenhouses and houses were demolished. The aim was to rebuild the demolished houses in a nearby strip between Burg. Cramerlaan 7 and 11. For this purpose, a zoning procedure had to be carried out, which resulted in a residential cluster of six new homes.

VEK supervised the whole zoning procedure and took care of the necessary drawings. The work of VEK also included coordination of soil survey, soil sanitation, water assessment, design, development plan with optimum layout of utilities and other facilities.