Fleuronova, Propagation

Location Germany
Culture Starting of seedlings in plugtrays/ production of young plants
Greenhouse 16,000 m2 production greenhouse 1997
several extensions up to 25,500 m2 in 2002
several extensions up to 32,370 m2 in 2011
Buildings 5,140 m2 shipping building with office etc.
Extensions up to 6,130 m2 in 2002
Extensions up to 10,185 m2 shipping building with office etc. in 2011
Advise 1997 – 2011 (continuous process of extension and renewal);
design, technical specifications, tendering, project management
Start building 1999-2010
Start use 1999-2011

FleuroNova (former Bruno Nebelung), Breeding / Propagation

Quotation, design (especially of logistics), specifications, tender procedures and supervision during construction of several extensions of the greenhouse complex built in 1997 for the breeding company Bruno Nebelung (later the name changed into FleuroNova Pflanzen GmbH). Regarding the first extension the greenhouse complex was extended with more than 8,000 m2. Also this part was fully fitted out with a complex internal conveyor system, lighting, spray boom, etc. The construction took place between October 1999 and January 2000. Regarding the second extension a cold storage facility was added to the greenhouse in 2002. At a later time more extensions were realized.

The last extension took place from 2009-2011; VEK was involved in the design, tendering and project management of an extension of breeding company FleuroNova Pflanzen. The extension exists of 6,870 m² Venlo cabrio greenhouse, shipping building and loading dock with a surface of approx. 3,050 m².

Since 2011 the company name has changed again, into Volmary GmbH, a breeding company producing seedlings.