Deliflor, Chrysanthemum Breeding

Location Netherlands, Westland
Culture Breeding of chrysanthemum cuttings
Greenhouse 50,000 m2 production greenhouse
Buildings 8,000 m2 shipping building & offices
CHP 3.2 MW-e in 2007
Advise 2006-2008;
design, permits, technical specifications, tendering, project management
Start building 2007
Start production 2007

Deliflor Chrysanten, Chrysanthemum breeding

A new greenhouse has been constructed on behalf of chrysanthemum cuttings. The company has been equipped with all technical installations such as assimilation lighting, combined heat and power plant, heat buffer and shipping building with offices, canteen etc. A part of the greenhouse has active cooling in 4 divisions of 200 m2, 2 divisions of 100 m2 and 3 divisions of 50 m2. The company has a co-generation installation of 3.2 MWe.

The technical engineers of VEK Adviesgroep assisted during the whole process. VEK Adviesgroep was responsible for the design of the hall, office building (toilets, offices, canteen, changing room), greenhouse and its equipment, including boiler room and co-generation installation. VEK Adviesgroep supervised the whole process, including planning, design (architecture), engineering, tendering & contracting.

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