Bruno Nebelung, Propagation

Location Germany
Culture Young plants / seedlings
Greenhouse 16,000 m2 greenhouses
Buildings 5,1400 m2 packing building
Advise 1996-1997;
design, technical specifications, tendering, project management
Start building 1997
Start use 1997

Bruno Nebelung, Propagation / seedlings

Design, specification and building supervision of a new greenhouse complex of approx. 16.000 m² for the starting of seedlings in plugtrays. It involved a fully equipped wide span greenhouse complex with shading installation, lighting, heating, sprinkler and a container transport system. Sowing the trays and the order processing take place centrally in the shipping building. Furthermore, the shipping building contains a boiler house and an irrigation installation. The project was designed in the spring of 1997 and realised in the period of April to November 1997.