Axia Vegetable Seeds, R&D

Location Netherlands, Westland
Culture Vegetable seeds
Greenhouse 10,150 m2 greenhouses (2011)
Buildings approx. 2,500 m2 headhouse, technical rooms & offices/canteen
Advise 2011-2012;
design, spatial planning, permits
Start building 2011
Start use 2011

Axia Vegetable Seeds, Westland, R&D

Axia Vegetable Seeds is a new venture of some experienced vegetable specialists.

For this new R&D facility, Axia experienced some problems to get the necessary permits in time. VEK was asked to support.
By adjusting the design of the facility, problems regarding spatial planning and environmental regulations were solved. The necessary permits were granted by local authorities in time. Now the greenhouse contractors were able to continue erecting the structures and installing the installations as planned.