Bruno Nebelung Poland, Propagation

Location Poland
Culture Propagation of youngplants/seedlings
Greenhouse 4,580 m2 (2003), 6,871m2 (2011)
Buildings 3,436 m2 shipping building (2003)
Advise 2002-2003, 2009-2010;
design, technical specifications, tendering, building supervision
Start building 1st phase 2003, 2nd phase 2010
Start production 1st phase 2003, 2nd phase 2011

Bruno Nebelung Polska, Poland, Propagation

VEK was involved in the set-up of the new greenhouse facility from the start in 2002 on behalf of Bruno Nebelung Polska in Kampinos, just west of Warsaw. At the time the project consisted of a grand design of the facility in a Venlo construction for the production of young plants that would be easily extendable in phases up to 6 hectares. In 2003 the first phase of approx. 8,000 m2 (greenhouse complex and shipping building) was realized. The project in 2010-2011 involved a second phase with a gross surface of 6,871 m2.

VEK was responsible for the design, technical specifications, tendering and building supervision.