Rijk Zwaan, R&D

Location Netherlands, Westland
Culture R&D, location Breeding
Greenhouse approx. 5,600 m2 replacement r&d greenhouse
Buildings approx. 1,670 m2 packing building with seed room, climate rooms and on the 2nd floor working area, canteen and offices
Sustainable Cold Heat storage system for packing building
Advise 2009-2011;
design, permits, technical specification, tendering, project management
Start building 2010
Start production 2010 (greenhouse)
2011 (packing building with offices)

Rijk Zwaan, R&D

In the past years several greenhouses of the breeding division have been replaced. The last phase included the demolition of the remaining research greenhouses and shipping building and the construction of greenhouses, technical areas, packing building with offices and working areas on the 2nd floor.

VEK Adviesgroep was involved in the design of the shipping building, the office building (toilets, offices, canteen, clothing room) and the packing and working area. VEK was responsible for the application of the necessary permits and supervised the complete process, including planning, design, engineering, technical specifications and tendering.

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