Gebr. L&J Voskamp, Tomato

Location Netherlands, Westland
Culture Tomato
Greenhouse 105,000 m2 (2003)
80,000 m2 (2004)
38,000 m2 (2007)
24,000 m2 (2009)
Buildings 4,000 m2 packing building
CHP 4 gas engines, 8.4 MW-e in 2005; 5th engine of 3.0 MW-e in 2006
Advise 2002-2004;
Start building 1st phase in 2002-2003, 2nd phase in 2004, 3rd phase in 2007, 4th phase in 2009
Start production 1st phase in 2002-2003, 2nd phase in 2004, 3rd phase in 2007, 4th phase in 2009

Gebr. L&J Voskamp, Tomato

Big extension & fast renewal

The existing company of 8 ha was extended with approx. 10 ha to a company of 18 ha in total. Directly after this successful extension, it was decided to renew the existing 8 ha. The result was a complete new modern tomato production company of 18 ha. More renewals and extensions were realized in the next few years.

1st phase: expansion of the 8 ha company with 100,440 m2 greenhouse, 1,580 m2 technical areas, 3,600 m2 shipping building and 360 m2 floor area canteen, offices etc.
2nd phase: renewal of the existing 8 ha (80,610 m2 greenhouse, 2,400 m2 water storage tank, 1,780 m2 technical area, 320 m2 canteen, offices etc.)
3rd phase: renewal of approx. 38,000 m2 greenhouses
4th phase: expansion with approx. 24,000 m2 greenhouses

VEK Adviesgroep was responsible for the design of the hall, office building (toilets, offices, canteen, changing room), greenhouse and its equipment, including boiler room and co-generation installation of 10.2 MW-e. VEK Adviesgroep supervised the whole process, including planning, design (architecture), engineering, tendering & contracting.

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