Boomaplant, Potplants

Location Netherlands, Westland
Culture Potplants (Skimmia & pot orchids)
Greenhouse 45,000 m2 greenhouses
Buildings 3,370 m2 packing building with 2nd growing layer
Advise 2004-2006;
design, permits, grants, technical specifications, tendering, project management
Start building 2005
Start production 2005

Boomaplant, Potplants

Architect or greenhouse construction company?

The owner of this skimmia-nursery chose to cooperate with an architect for the design of his offices. With this eye-catcher he distinguished himself from his competitors.

VEK supervised the whole process from technical design to realization, including planning, design, engineering, tender specifications and tendering. The greenhouse is a 12.80m widespan greenhouse.

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