Beekenkamp Plants (AB), Propagation & Breeding

Location Netherlands, Westland
Culture Propagation & breeding of starting material (location AB)
Greenhouse 50,000 m2 production greenhouses
Buildings 10,000 m2 shipping building
CHP 3.4 MW-e in 2007
Advise 2003-2005;
design, permits, technical specifications, tendering, project management
Start building 2004
Start production 2004

Beekenkamp Plants, Propagation & Breeding

Renewal and expansion

In these projects the input of VEK included complete assistance during renovation and expansion of this nursery of starting material for vegetables and pot plants. As a consequence of this renovation and expansion, the client had to up-date his environmental permit to the new situation. Also the existing offices were expanded. VEK was responsible for supervision until commissioning, including planning, design, engineering, tendering & contracting.

Phase 1 and 2 included the contruction of 50,000 m2.greenhouses, including technical areas, and a shipping building of 10,000 m2. Phase 3 included an expansion of 15,000 m2. The greenhouse equipment included a co-generation installation of 3.4 MW-e.

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