Business plan Wales UK

Location United Kingdom, Wales
Culture Vegetables
Advise 2008;
Business plan,

Business plan Wales, UK

VEK Adviesgroep was involved in the setup of a business plan for the realization of a greenhouse complex for vegetables. The project idea was to produce 4 units of each around 7 hectare in Wales, UK. The project was unique in the UK because of its energy concept; heat, power and CO2 would be supplied by a neighboring power plant. In the business plan the project concept was worked out in a marketing plan, technical plan, energy plan, organizational plan, logistical plan, production plan and a financial plan including feasibility study.

The role of VEK Adviesgroep was to transform the obvious well-thought ideas and ambitions into a well-founded business plan. The accent of the VEK work was to develop the overall plan, to emphasize the marketing aspects, logistic aspects, technical aspects and organizational aspects of the project.

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