Business plan Kaluga, Russia

Location Russia, Kaluga/Moscow
Culture Roses & other flowers
Advise 2004;
Business plan

Business plan Kaluga, Russia

Assigned by a Russian trading company and in cooperation with a Dutch supplying company of greenhouse and irrigation equipment VEK Adviesgroep was requested to participate in the set up of a business plan for a rose production company of 3,0 ha in Russia, close to Moscow.The objective was to build a 3,0 ha greenhouse according to the latest technology and create a modern rose production farm close to the Moscow market. The rose production farm should be able to compete with the imported products on quality and price. It should substitute the imported flowers and, as a result of the financial results, have the opportunity to extend to a 10 ha greenhouse complex.

This business plan is a detailed qualification and quantification of the project concept on relevant project elements such as Production, Marketing, Organization, Energy, Finance, Management etc. and especially the interdependence of these elements. This Business Plan will act as an instrument for investment decisions on behalf of the project partners and as a “convincing mechanism” in the process of fund raising (loans, equity and subsidies).

In 2005 the first 3 ha of greenhouses were realized. Because of the successful set up, the plan has been extended step by step during the past few years: 6 ha extension in 2006, 7 ha extension in 2008 and 10 ha extension in 2009. Meanwhile the greenhouse complex measures 26 ha and is mainly used for the cultivation of roses, chrysanthemum, alstromeria, gerbera, lily, tulip, iris and cymbidium. In order to make optimum use of the greenhouses during the seasons, other crops are cultivated as well, such as pot plants and strawberries.

In short: a success story!

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