Business plan Iran

Location North west of Iran
Teelten Cut flowers & vegetables (tomato)
Advise 2005;
Business plan with feasibility study

Business plan Iran

In the province East Azerbaijan (North West of Iran), close to the city Jolfa, a valley of approx. 1.830 ha was developed for several purposes. Part of this valley was planned for greenhouse production.

The first objective was to build a 6,0 ha greenhouse for the production of cut flowers and vegetables (tomato) according to the latest technology and create a modern production farm close to the market. As a result of the financial results, it should have the opportunity to extend to a 20 ha greenhouse complex.

A Dutch greenhouse contractor was contracted for purchasing and shipping of greenhouse equipment and installations. VEK Adviesgroep was involved to execute a business plan including feasibility study. This business plan is a detailed qualification and quantification of the project concept on relevant project elements such as Production, Marketing, Organization, Energy, Finance, Management etc. and especially the interdependence of these elements. This Business Plan will act as an instrument for investment decisions on behalf of the project partners and as a “convincing mechanism” in the process of fund raising (loans, equity and subsidies).

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