Business plan Germany

Location Germany, Munich region
Culture Pot plants
Advise 1999;
Business plan

Business plan Germany

In 1999 VEK was assigned to set up a business plan for a Dutch pot plant nursery.

A substantial part of the production of this company was sold in Germany, in the region around Munich. In the marketing process an important role was played by a German wholesale customer and a Dutch exporter/transporter.

Back then, the concept of supply chain management in floriculture market was highlighted. The nursery planned to give shape to this concept by setting up a production location in the immediate vicinity of the end user. Direct advantage of this was a substantial reduction in the transport distances and thus to improve the product quality.

The intention was to set up a greenhouse complex of approximately 34,000 m2. Initiators were the Dutch nursery and the Dutch transport company with capital and the German wholesale customers with certain (sales) guarantees.

The objective of the business plan was to provide insight into the overall plan and to get a concrete idea of the future development potential of the company.

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