Semi-closed Greenhouse Prominent, tomato

Location Nederland, Westland
Culture Tomaten
Greenhouse 93,000 m2 productiekassen met technische ruimten
Buildings 2,500 m2 bedrijfsruimte
CHP 2.4 MW-e (2006); 3.0 MW-e (2010)
Advisering 2005-2007;
ontwerp, vergunningen, turnkey, subsidies, bestekken, aanbesteding, projectbegeleiding, oplevering
Start building 2006
Start use 2006

Semi-Closed Greenhouse Prominent, tomato

An ultramodern greenhouse was designed and built. One of the most important innovations was the 33,000 m2 conditioned greenhouse with cold and heat storage, combined with assimilation lighting and active cooling.Installations included airco units in the greenhouse (cooling, heating, humidifier), heat pump installation (2x 1400 kW), cogen installation (5.4 Mwe), aquifer (capacity 185 m3/hr).The system is working for some years now. Changed prices for energy and tomatoes had their effect on this project. The growers have learned a lot using these new techniques. A ‘light’ version of these acclimatized greenhouses is gaining in popularity. Het Nieuwe Telen / Next Generation Cultivation is derived from this example of a Semi-Closed Greenhouse.The Prominent project is recently optimized. By cooling in summertime, too much heat was collected related to the demand for heat in the greenhouse during wintertime. A newly built residential district nearby, was the solution. These houses are connected to a district heating system and were optimized for the use of this ‘greenhouse heat’.

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